How Long Does EFT take to work?

16926192_a1eab8db27_mRecently, these questions have come up a lot both for practitioners and clients:

  • How long will I have to tap for?
  • How many sessions will it take to ‘clear’ this stuff?
  • Will I have to tap every day FOREVER?

Karl Dawson and I discussed this subject at length when we were co-writing our book. Although we can have those truly amazing EFT sessions, ones that we won’t ever forget, where we saw our past traumas from new angles and felt a sense of peace we’ve never had before, there are also ingrained patterns which will take longer to transform.

When I first used EFT it was for writing and smoking and I remember exclaiming, “Oh my God, I’m going to be addicted to using EFT – it will be my new thing!” Luckily I had a skilled practitioner who gently reframed the word ‘addiction’ to ‘helpful tool’.

So, did I quit my 20-a-day habit straight away? No. It took about six months to get to a point where I was ready and I had to untangle all of the associations which were part of it. When I looked at the patterns of addiction and escapism in my life, I saw how deep they went and how long they’d been running.

One session wonders with EFT are a rarity.

It it much more about the self-work, the realisations and the movement from one habit to a more peaceful pattern.

It is a journey.


It is not our job to fix anyone. Everyone is perfect just as they are.

A lady who might be struggling with losing weight and sugar addiction may discover that actually it’s not about the sugar at all. It’s the feeling that the sugar gives her. The reminder of happy treat times from her childhood and connection with her family. We can look these beliefs in a few sessions, yet combining that work creating new patterns in the mind such replacing sugar with fruit, reducing TV time with walking and listening to an audio book makes the results much more powerful and long lasting.

When it is one trauma behind a reaction, for example a phobia, or a specific pain in the body, they may be less instances when this reaction happened. If you’ve got a phobia of frogs, it’s quite easy to avoid frogs for instance so there may be only a few memories to trace this phobia back to and clear using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.

If however, there are hundreds of memories relating to a specific issue such as being anxious, there will be a large morphic field of behaviour underpinning this reaction. The brain also starts to generalise or pattern match with similiar situations.

It is unlikely that you will clear 20 years of anxiety in one session. You may however, reduce the anxiety about a specific situation and have new ways to deal with those stressful emotions when they arise. It is about combining EFT with Inspired Action.

Often, it’s a case of doing six sessions, equipping yourself or your client with the tools going forward, exploring any secondary gains and examining the issue from all angles.

Going from believing that it’s dangerous to stand up and be heard as you might get anxious or laughed at, to being confident enough to contribute to a discussion in the board room or putting your hand up at a conference is a big move forward.

The stomach butterflies might still be there in the beginning, but you can use EFT on those and eventually the symptoms of anxiety around ‘being heard’ reduce.

Eventually, we create new habits and neural pathways in our brain that support us in the direction we want to go in. Then one day, our hand goes up automatically, we feel good about our contribution, it feels safe to be heard and, importantly, we don’t berate ourselves afterwards.

How long does EFT take?

I’ve had a few one session wonders. They’ve been mainly focussed on a specific issues or traumas such as forgiving a parent, overcoming grief, phobias and PTSD. The work I do is much more about empowering people to find their own tools to equip them through life.

Right now, on a professional level, I’m using EFT for moving through the pressure of publishing a book. On a personal level, I’m having sessions focussed on pregnancy and welcoming this new soul into our family. I love being pregnant and I can’t wait to give birth, however, there are still parts of me worrying about how I’m going to be able to cope as a Mum of two. How will our eldest find siblinghood? How will I be able to combine time for creativity with being a Mum of a newborn?

When we hear that someone meditates, we don’t ask, how long do you think you’ll do that for? It is the same with EFT. When you feel and see the changes, it becomes part of your life. You use it when you need to.

We will all face life challenges. People we care about will die. We will experience pain. Life will throw us a curveball. We may want to move through a certain situation with ease and grace.

People often don’t go for the goals for the fear of how they can make them feel (exposed, not good enough, scared, anxious) yet, using EFT we can get to a point where we don’t have to fear how our emotions will make us feel. And if we don’t have to fear our emotions, well, we can do anything!



Spring EFT Workshop – *GOALS & DREAMS*

Spring EFT Workshop – *GOALS & DREAMS*

Date: Saturday 12th April

Cost: £50 for the whole day 

Timings: 10:00 – 4:30pm

We are a quarter of the way through the year and how are you getting on with your goals or dreams that you set at the beginning of 2014?

What is it you *really* want to focus on for the rest of year?

Taking a day out of your busy schedule  and consciously thinking on how this year is going and what you want to be celebrating at the end of 2014 will empower you to make the changes and decisions that you need to.

Get Aligned With YOUR Dreams Using EFT. 

This workshop is designed around celebrating our successes and facing challenges and planning for the year ahead.

We will be doing EFT sessions on:

• Procrastination and Overwhelm

• Goal Focus. What is the one goal you want to focus on? What are your beliefs about that goal?

• An hour practicing EFT. You will learn how to use this amazing tool for yourself and you will try it out on others. Think a mini-partnering session and for practitioners – you will be paired up for a in-depth swap session.

• Dreamboard creation. We will be spending time making dream boards to take home – here is one from a previous workshop:

• Tools to keep us focussed and on track. Think charts, to-do books and different analysis tools we can use, plus a live demo of Matrix Reimprinting ‘future self’ session.

Here is some feedback from previous goals & dreams workshops:

“I really enjoyed the workshop. It was a really lovely group of people and felt relaxing too.  I feel really positive and excited for 2014.”

“I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to your workshop today. Secondly, I had an amazing time, both at the workshop and leading up to and preparing for the day. I feel truly blessed to have been a part of the day, whilst at the same time getting the chance to meet and share time with some wonderful people. Thank you so much, you were incredible at leading us and the whole thing felt calm, focused and meaningful on so many levels – I am so grateful for the opportunity to focus my life this year and set goals that I will achieve! My mantra is going to be ‘make things happen’ and ‘I am the captain of my soul’”

“Thanks for an awesome day on Saturday – loved it!”

“You were very calm and professional, just the right balance between being in charge and making people feel at ease and comfortable”

At the end of the workshop you will feel:

Confident about your mix of goals for the remaining 9 months of the year and Capable that you can achieve them with your new tools;

You will receive Charts that work for you and be clear on any areas you wish to work on privately with EFT.

You will also be proficient in using basic EFT on yourself to reduce feelings of negativity including overwhelm and procrastination

Oh and Totally LIT up about how much you’ve already achieved in 2014 and the actions you plan to take for the rest of the year.

We are in a beautiful loft room in the Cornerstone, Hove


Date: 12th April

Cost: £50 for the whole day

Timings: 10:00 – 4:30pm

Please confirm your place ASAP either through PayPal by simply logging into your account and send to Alternatively email me to invoice you.

or via BACS transfer (HSBC. 40-44-19 / 51179918)

I look forward to hearing from you.

Lots of love and goal setting prowess!


Woah, overwhelm alert!!!!!

Overwhelm starts out as a panicky type of energy in my stomach. Followed by the jitters and incessant mind chatter:

What am I going to do about this email I’ve got to send? (and been dreading?)
What about reading that article?
What about the powerpoint slides that you’ve got to write?
The talk you’ve got to run through?
The new book cover you want to design for that ebook?
Buying (and sending) the present for a birthday?
Listening to that webinar recording?
Confirming that client slot?
Fitting in a workout?
Making an (edible) dinner – (I only aim for ‘delicious’ on special occasions!)
Logging on to internet banking and paying that bill.
Phoning your friend back after missing their calls for the third time

and sleep…

that’s what my body wants to do when I look at a rather long to-do list. Either that or read a novel.

Now I know better. I have to sit with it and mind dump.

Let’s just say I’ve learnt from experience. I’m always late with cards and gifts (which I feel shitty about) I’m pretty rubbish with phoning friends back and last month I forgot to tax the car.

If I didn’t have some strategies in place to help me, well, I’d be asleep pretty much most of the time and who knows what else might happen.

So, here are my top six strategies for dealing with overwhelm:

  1. TAP
  2. Morning Pages
  3. Meditation
  4. Set 3 Most Important Tasks for the day (thanks Leonie Dawson for this one)
  5. Swim
  6. Talk to my Mum

1. TAP

Of course Tapping is number 1! I’m a tapper extraordinaire. In fact at a recent dinner party, this was my place card:


My overwhelm tapping sequence usually goes something like this:

Even though there is SOOOOOO much to do and I don’t know where to start or what’s the most important, and that feels rubbish, I love myself anyway.
There is always a million things to do and I don’t know where to start, I’m doing the best I can.
Even though I’ll never get it all done in 3 hours, and that’s making me panic, I love myself anyway.
There is so much to do
I’m never going to get it all done
How can I do all this?
So much pressure on myself (at this point, I might tune into what the pressure feels like and tap on that)
So much pressure that I put on myself.
There is so much to do.
I love myself anyway
How am I going to get it all done?
All this overwhelm
All this overwhelm that I can’t shift
So much to do, with such little time.

*Then I check in with how I’m doing. Often after one round I’m feeling better, and add in the choices*

Even though there is a lot to do, I have choices about what I’m going to do today. I’m human and that’s OK.
There is quite a lot to do, but I’ve achieved a lot in a day before, maybe I could do the same again. I choose to remember that I’ve got choices about how I spend my time.

I wonder how much I could get done
What could I do today?
Maybe I could get a little more done than I think I could?
I’ll never get it all done
But there is always more to do anyway
Maybe it could be easy?
I choose to feel surprisingly calm and relaxed about my to-do list
I do love getting shit done
I love ticking stuff off my list.
God I’m such a DO-ER
Love it.
I choose not to get burnout over it and remember to take care of myself in the process
After all it’s meant to be fun.
maybe it could be fun and I could still get shit done?

By this point I’m usually raring to go and hit my simpleology list with a passion.

2. Mind dump/ Morning Pages
I first came across this idea at University while studying English Literature. It’s a case of mind-dumping all that stuff that’s floating around in your head. Julia Cameron of The Artist’s Way also advocates this process as a way of connecting with your creativity.
Either set a timer for 15 minutes or aim to fill 3 pages. Keep writing, don’t read it back, keep going, write about every single mundane thing that you have to do. GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD.

3. Meditation
It depends what I’m in the mood for but usually something by the Brahma Kumaris, Abraham Hicks or Panache Desai raises the vibration, takes me outside of the chatter and gets back to focus.

4. Pick the three Most Important Things to do today (MIT).
Be objective about this. What are the three things that *really* need doing? What have you been putting off? Do that first and see point 1 if you are struggling.

5. Swim
Need it for my mental health. I do so much *thinking* that I need to get out of this state and into my body. I used to swim for my home town when I was a teenager and it is a safe and powerful state for me. To be immersed in the water, at one with my breath, I can’t think about anything else. Going for a swim in my darkest times often saved me from myself.

6. Talking to my Mum
I’m so lucky to have Irene Marillat as my mother. We are quite alike, type A personality with plenty of friends and gusto. Sometimes you do need to have a good ol’ chat, a heart out-pouring and she is my number one. When I’m all confused about business, books and mothering, she holds the space for me.

So. Overwhelm. Feels a little bit like procrastination and often they blend in and out of each other weaving their ways around our lives. Just remember it’s just energy. Often powerful energy that has years of experience behind it.
You can get through it.
My best piece of advice is don’t just do it with will power. It’s much much harder.
What can you do to ease that overwhelm? Tap? Who can you call? What 3 things WILL you get done? Swim? Run? Meditate? I’d love to hear some of your ideas when overwhelm bites.

Meet My Old Friend Procrastination

People often ask me how I can write a book in 10 months with 16 hours childcare a week. Plus run EFT workshops, see private clients and take the occasional copywriting project on.

I will tell you how. I made friends with procrastination. 9 times out of 10, he’s there when I enter my office. He is a little old man with cliched white hair and a kind smile that wrinkles at the corners. He pats the chair gently and beckons me to sit down. He wants me to have a chat and tell him about my morning.

“Please stay a while” he says. Being with him is comfortable, it’s small talk, it doesn’t take much brain power. We can chat all morning.

I used to ignore him. But he’d be there anyway, helping me faff about on the internet, FaceTime a relative, find a *really* interesting blog post to read, and tell me to make another cup of coffee or write out a shopping list.

Yet if we chatted all morning, I’d never get anything done. So we’ve developed a polite routine that fulfills both our needs.

I pull up my document marked ‘morning pages’ and get writing. I write down everything in my head. I brain dump and wade through all that chatter that I could talk to him about. My current ‘morning pages’ is around 14,000 words and has been ongoing for the last six months. I haven’t re-read any of it.

Then I log into simpleology which is a clever (and free) website that organises and prioritises your to-do list so that you can focus.

When I set my intentions and am left with a to-do list, there is always a creative task on there. Often its the one I want to leave until last.

Then I do two things:

  1. I tap (use EFT) to get aligned with ‘wanting’ to do it. I often joke with people that I might not want to write, but I tap until I do. I uncover the underlying reason why I want to procrastinate instead.

The tapping usually goes something like this:

(Karate Chop) Even though I really don’t want to write this today and it’s sunny outside, it’s ok, I’m just noticing this now.

Even though the last thing I want to do is write, it’s just so hard. Who am I to write this book? I love myself anyway.

(Around the points)

I do not want to write today. No I don’t. I just want to read a fiction novel in the garden.

I’m stuck, I don’t want to write

I can’t be bothered to write

I just don’t want to

No one can make me

I’m stuck on this chapter and it’s driving me mad

It’s such hard work

ARGH I’m stuck

I don’t want to write today

This first round can go on for a few minutes until I’m bored of moaning or I feel a shift. Then I add.

I wonder why I don’t want to write.

I do like writing, in fact I love it.

Why don’t I want to do it today?

(then I probably tune in to how I’m feeling)

Ah, because it’s hard and I’m worried about this chapter.

It’s really hard

It’s not hard all of the time

I’m worried about this chapter (might do a round just on this)

What am I worried about?

Worried about what people will think, what if it’s not good enough?

Good enough for who?

It’s not good enough right now, but I haven’t finished it yet!

It just needs some more work. (might do a round on this)

(then when I feel a little shift in my system I begin to wonder…)

I wonder if it could be one of those easy days

One of those days when it just flows

What if I find all the right words effortlessly?

I’ve had days like that in the past

Maybe I could have one of those days today?

I’d really like to finish this chapter today

Universe could I have some help please?

Today, writing could be easy.

I could be in flow all day.

Generally after a few minutes I’ve shifted into a much more positive place and then I grab my:

  1. Pomodoro tomato timer. This is a perfect way to trick your subconscious mind. When you’ve got hours stretching ahead of you that you feel pressured to fill with creative productivity, setting a short timer will make you feel its achievable.

That’s my routine to usher that little old man out of the office:

Morning pages

Set intentions



When that timer goes on, I wave goodbye to my old friend procrastination and hello to flow.

He always pokes his head around the door at least three times during the day, sometimes we have a natter and a cuppa, but as soon as I tap or use the timer, poof he’s gone. At least until the next time.

New Year Revolution – a dream come true…

On the 18th January, something magical happened. I fulfilled one of my life long dreams – to run a creative day for women. A day where women are inspired, a gentle space to dream and set meaningful goals for the year

I used a 3 prong approach in my planning:

  1. Leonie Dawson’s ‘Create Your Amazing 2014’ workbook’ was our ultimate guide. This book changed my life (you can read more here). Here is the box of juicy books that I ordered pre-workshop and my excited little face!
  2. The other big tool was Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) to work on releasing any fear about letting go of the past and setting goals for the  future.  I’m an EFT practitioner so if you’d like to know more about the power of tapping, click here.
  3. Finally, the essence of accountability of our goals through sharing them with each other.

It sold out quickly and soon I had a group of 10 dynamic women to work with. I sent out pre-workshop emails with a few homework tasks such as gathering materials for their dreamboard and bringing a happy photo of themselves.

As I introduced the day, in our special space with wooden beams and plenty of light, I was filled with a calm excitement, feeling so happy to be part of this amazing day that I’d spent many hours planning. cornerstone loft

After setting our intentions, we celebrated all that we had learnt and achieved in 2013. This group of inspiring creative women shared their feelings about the past year and what they had learnt in this calm, gentle space.

There had been job losses, international moves, financial hardship, book deals, relationship breakdowns, parenting woes, job satisfaction and fulfilled and unfulfilled dreams alike. After sharing our thoughts and using EFT to release any negative judgements we had about ourselves, the room was filled with the feeling of letting go. The main word that came up was ‘acceptance’.

After a cup of tea, we wrote our list of 50 things to do in 2014…we scribbled, chewed the top of the pens, laughed and sighed at our dreams; Walk up hills, have more jacuzzis, a promise of more time out from being Mum, go horse riding, decorate living rooms, read more fiction, dye hair blonde, go flying with a daughter and buy a house (or two). photo-4 copy 3

They were silly, fun, joyful, big and creative. The richness of life was captured in these pages.

Next came our specifics goals from creative, financial, spiritual, career, body, family & friendships. Plus goals so big it can be scary to even write them down.

We shared what we felt able to. We tapped on the fear of dreaming big and the worries we might not be able to fulfill them. One of the ladies had a goal that had been burning inside her for 25 years and I worked with her using EFT to help her move from ‘I don’t know when to start’ to ‘I am ready’.

After breathing in some sea air and eating a healthy lunch, the room was turned into a creative haven as we began our dreamboards. Magazines strewn across the floor and the sound of snipping scissors filled the air. Everywhere you looked there were photos of beautiful beaches, empowering words, arty shots of ideal homes, Indian temples, Farrow and Ball painted rooms, scenes of nature, and a feeling of focussed magic as these women made their goals a cardboard copy 4

As the day drew to a close and we proudly showed our creations, the smiles, the affirmations and excitement about the year said it all. The ladies left with a sense of empowerment about the year copy 5

I knew it had gone well, but until I had the feedback I wasn’t sure exactly just how well.

When the emails and texts came in, I was blown away.

“I really enjoyed the 2014 workshop. It was a really lovely group of women and felt relaxing too.  I feel really positive and excited and hope all your wishes are granted for 2014.”

“I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to your workshop today. Secondly, I had an amazing time, both at the workshop and leading up to and preparing for the day. I feel truly blessed to have been a part of the day, whilst at the same time getting the chance to meet and share time with some wonderful ladies. I would really love to come together again in March to review, encourage and support each other. Thank you so much, you were incredible at leading us and the whole thing felt calm, focused and meaningful on so many levels – I am so grateful for the opportunity to focus my life this year and set goals that I will achieve! My mantra is going to be ‘make things happen’ and ‘I am the captain of my soul’”

“Thanks for an awesome day on Saturday – loved it!”

“You were very calm and professional, just the right balance between being in charge and making people feel at ease and comfortable”

“Thank you for a wonderful day.”


I also did a survey. 100% of survey participants:

  • Gave the workshop 100% both in terms of delivery and meeting their expectations.
  • They want at least one more ‘workshop’ this year to check in with goals to keep them on track.
  • They also gave me valuable feedback on the parts of the day that they loved and tapping was way up there!

It really was a dream come true. Huge thanks to all the ladies who came and also to Leonie Dawson and her incredible workbook.

p.s. I also had a waiting list so I’ve decided to run another event on the 22nd February in the same magical room in Hove. If you’d like to read more and book your place – click here. You might think that mid February is a bit late to plan, but it’s better than waiting any longer!